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27th November 2011

Last night I saw Brand New play in Atlantic City…

and it was the first time I felt something real since my friend died this past summer. It was an unbelievable show with everyone just dying to be close to the stage, everyone wanting to see, everyone wanting to have their voice be heard as they screamed along with Jesse Lacey.

Today I am lacking a voice, my legs hurt from jumping, my nails are all bitten down to the skin, I’m unfortunately back at college, I got about three hours of sleep, and despite all this, I feel lighter. Only a little, of course; it’s not like I can be fixed in one day, but last night was a good start. For all I know, everything could take a turn for the worst tomorrow and I could lose the small bit of progress last night provided, but just thinking back on the concert, I’m tearing up because it was so incredible.

I cried through part of Jude Law, wept openly through Seventy Times 7, and screamed every word to every song they played.

Thank you so much, Brand New. You played the best show I’ve ever seen and healed the tiniest bit of my heart.

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