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18th July 2014

I’ve always felt a special connection to the sky. It is limitless and infinite. It has no boundaries and no rules. It can be fiery red, like a burning fury, or cotton candy pink, coddling the clouds. It’s a blinding brightness and a humbling darkness; stormy and electric, holding immense power for destruction and salvation. No one tells the sky what to be, for who would criticize that which holds the sun and stars? You cannot catch it or hold it in a jar; you cannot tame the sky. I see myself in the horizon before dawn, when it’s gray and you just start to see it lightening and the day can become anything. I see myself in the space between clouds, when patches of stars pin-prick through the night and you can almost make out constellations. I see myself in the unpredictable bouts of rain and shine on days when I cannot make up my mind.

I see myself in the sky because I am limitless and infinite and no one will tell me what to be.

I am Ashley, an incredibly introverted environmental enthusiast.
I'm studying to be a marine biologist.
I have a fierce love for all living things, a very broad sense of humor, and I'm likely too passionate for my own good.
Herein you'll find animals (especially creepy-crawlies), nature, science, art, some of my own photography, and occasionally a scattering of personal posts.
I'm an avid reader and music-listener, so suggestions are always welcome (you can check out my last.fm if you're interested).
I source all of my own posts unless it's my content, in which case I tag it "personal."
But that tag is littered with a bunch of other, boring things as well, so peruse with caution.

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