29th June 2012

Last weekend when I was up at my camp, I was sitting around the campfire with my mom and we were talking, when out of the blue this giant, beautiful luna moth comes flying by. I actually thought it was a bat at first because it was so big. So it comes, flies right in front of us, less than two feet in front of our faces, then it catches sight of the fire. It was like watching a horror movie as it turned and fluttered straight into the flames, completely unable to stop its momentum. My mother and I solemnly watched the flames of its soul burn.

On the bright side, that means there should be more of them up there and I will try to hunt some down this weekend with my new butterfly net so I can be simultaneously kinda grossed out and extremely fascinated!

I am Ashley, an incredibly introverted environmental enthusiast.
I'm studying to be a marine biologist.
I have a fierce love for all living things, a very broad sense of humor, and I'm likely too passionate for my own good.
Herein you'll find animals (especially creepy-crawlies), nature, science, art, some of my own photography, and occasionally a scattering of personal posts.
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